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TurnKey Solutions:


We Create an elite atmosphere by aligning ourselves with partners who produce unique and quality sports performance equipment. Our comprehensive 3-D Modeling allows you to visualize your space and enables us to execute your project.


We Inspire by casting vision and giving relevance to previous jobs we’ve completed so that our clients know what they can look forward to getting as a finished product.


We Build with intentionality so that your project is not just a transaction but an investment into the vision you are carrying out. We celebrate growth and and look forward to future opportunities in partnering with you.

Creative Design

3D Renderings

3D renderings for tailor-made gym solutions, specifically catering to schools and athletic facilities. Delivering a deep understanding of the unique needs and safety considerations involved in creating gym spaces.

Elevate's expertise lies in translating these requirements into compelling, three-dimensional representations that not only prioritize functionality and safety but also inspire motivation and engagement among users.



At Elevate Strength & Performance we deliver strength and conditioning equipment tailored specifically for you and your team. Our equipment is built in the Heartland of America and it is designed to inspire and build the champion within.

Our equipment serves as the cornerstone of excellence for professional sports teams, colleges, high schools, and fitness centers. At Elevate we provide your weight room or gym with high-performance, durable exercise equipment.

durable tough and dependable

specialized flooring

Our Performance surfacing line, from base layer to topcoat, offers durability and protection for high-traffic training spaces. Our exclusive formulation includes optional coatings and can withstand functional movements, sled work, repetitive activities like ropes and Olympic lifts, and even features noise cancellation.

Our non-slip, seamless installation prevents debris buildup. We also offer customization for branding with logos, designs and a variety of colors to convey your message.

Maintaining a clean and healthy training space is made easy with are step by step guide. Experience longevity with are products that are in alignment with our portfolio.

Built to Be the Best

Advanced LOCKERS

We specialize in crafting custom lockers that embody your team's history, culture, and values while accommodating all your equipment needs. Our range of materials, from water-resistant phenolic to antimicrobial nanolam, suits any environment.

With options like team branding, ventilation, charging stations, and more, we enhance functionality and aesthetics. We provide comprehensive support from concept to installation, delivering quality products and a customer-centric experience to help you inspire champions.

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